BeeSweet Manuka Honey Active 20+ is a pure, smooth and creamy delicious ACTIVE Manuka Honey certified by laboratories in New Zealand for the unique active enzymes to have a Bio-activity rating of Active 20+.With a taste likened to liquid dairy vanilla fudge, this thick set yet creamy BeeSweet 100% Manuka Honey is ideal for those who are new to Manuka Honey.

Why Purchase BeeSweet Honey Active 20+?

  •     Offers a medium level of protection for your body and immune system to help deal with the stresses of everyday life.
  •     Ideal for those who may need additional support getting over colds & viruses or feeling run down.
  •     Great for the older generation along with those who may be less mobile in helping support their immune system particularly against viruses, coughs & colds.
  •     Quickly soothes inflamed bowels or upset stomachs.
  •     Bio-Activity rating is certified at Active 20+ using the Total Activity of the Phenol Equivalent.
  •     High Quality reputable source, traceable back to the hive in New Zealand.

How to take BeeSweet Honey Active 20+:

  •     1 teaspoon up to three times per day.
  •     For stomach, bowel or digestive upsets – take 1 teaspoonful on an empty stomach up to 3 times a day to start with. Once your body calms down, 1 teaspoonful a day should be sufficient although it may be several weeks before you reach this stage depending on the sensitivity of your digestive system.

Best ways to take Manuka honey:

  •     Straight from the jar by the spoonful.
  •     Stir into porridge/yoghurt or other breakfast cereal.
  •     Spread over warm toast.
  •     Lastly it can be diluted into approx. one third of a mug of WARM water (per teaspoonful) Remember NEVER add Manuka Honey to boiling water as this kills the good enzymes which are to Manuka Honey’s uniqueness.

Suitable for:

  •      Anyone whose immune system is particularly struggling and are fed up picking up every virus they come into contact with.
  •     Those feeling particularly fatigued and run down
  •     Those whose immune systems are a little under par
  •     People who are suffering from irritated, sensitive stomachs or bowels
  •     All age groups excluding children under 1 year of age as their immune system is still developing.In fact, children under 1 year should not be given any form of honey


  •     Not recommended for Children under 1 years old
  •     Not recommended for Pregnant Women
  •     Not suitable for Diabetic Type I patients (typically those who are required to take daily insulin injections) as the natural sugar within Manuka Honey can affect your glucose levels
  •     Diabetic Type II patients – In our customers experience & feedback, most Diabetic Type II customers are able to take Manuka Honey because they manage their Diabetes with diet and exercise. However, we ALWAYS recommend you speak with your GP or Diabetes Nurse before purchasing your honey.